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General Purpose Poly Pigs

Highest quality poly pigs for flexible applications -- with over 40 years of trust.

Since its foundation, Nippon Pipeline Service (NPS) has conducted a variety of pipeline pigging projects using poly pigs, manufactured by Knapp Polly Pig Inc. We have complete confidence in Polly Pigs because

(1) Wide variety of pigging technologies around the world has been fed back to the Knapp Polly-Pigs and NPS can utilize such feedback as our knowledge bank.

(2) It can be applied not only to the Japanese local codes but also to international engineering codes and standards including ASME and ANSI.

The Polly Pigs we provide with are all proven with our half-century experience of pipeline pigging projects. We recommend them with confidence that they will meet your needs with maximum flexibility.


Bare Soft Bare Soft
Light density urethane foam pigs with great absorbency
・ Dehydration, drying
・ Penetration check of existing pipelines
Bare hard Bare hard
Hard density foam pigs without resin coating, providing better sealing capability.
・ Flushing SUS pipeline
・ Water and liquid removal
・ Water filling for hydrostatic testing
・ Cleaning of existing PCV pipes
Criss Cross Polly Pig Criss Cross Polly Pig
A bare hard urethane foam body with urethane elastomer coating, offering high cleaning effect
・ Pre-commission flushing
・ Cleaning of existing pipelines
A Javelina has wire brush around the body to give maximum scrubbing effect. A Javelina has wire brush around the body to give maximum scrubbing effect. ・ Pre-commission flushing
・ Cleaning of existing pipelines
Bare hard Javelina Bare hard Javelina
Bare hard Javelinas have improved sealing, which allows them go through T-shaped pipes more easily and runs with less air pressure than conventional Javelinas.
・ Pre-commission flushing
・ Cleaning of existing pipelines
STUD Cleaner Polly Pig STUD Cleaner Polly Pig
Higher density urethane foam pigs with hardened-steel scraping studs
・ Cleaning of existing pipelines (scrubs scales including iron oxide and calcium deposits.
Poly foam disc pigs Poly foam disc pigs
These urethane foam pigs are integrally molded to form the body into multiple discs to innovatively improve the sealing at the bend parts of pipelines compared to conventional shell type pigs.
・ Removal of debris including loosen rust from the pipeline walls during flushing
・ Dehydration, liquid introduction

Polly Pig Options

Polly Pig Options

(1) Transmitter cavities
 The pigs can be equipped with pig locator transmitters
 *Pig tracking *Passage detection
(2) Rope/steel cable
 These pigs have polypropylene ropes or steel cables through the body.
(All Polly Pigs larger than 16B are originally equipped with polypropylene rope)
The ropes or cables may be used to pull specialized brushes and/or draw in the wiring cables.
(3) Double nose
 Pigs can be formed for bidirectional applications
(4) Custom pig size
 Custom sized pigs for various pipe diameters are available upon request

Chemical resistance

Totally Coated Totally Coated
The pigs have high chemical resistance

High cleaning capacity for special purposes

Super Javelina Super Javelina
High cleaning capacity
Black belts Black belts
Effective removal of viscous deposits
K-20 K-20
Specially developed for decoking purpose, with high polishing capability

High sealing capacity

High sealing capacity Ultra Seal Hand Launch Hand Launch

High temperature environment over 150 degrees Celsius


Special Pigs

BD-6K BD-6K Foam sphere pigs Foam sphere pigs

*Contact us for details

Pig locator systems

Pig locator systems

The pig's locations can be monitored during the cleaning operation with a transmitter inserted in the pig.