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Poly Pigs for City Water

Poly Pigs for Pre-commission flushing of newly constructed pipes

Use of Poly Pigs to clean drinking water pipework has become more popular among city water systems at the times they replace the existing pipes with modern earthquake-resistant pipes and/or maintenance of existing pipes is conducted. Poly-pigs can clean the pipes more effectively with minimal water use compared to the water blowing method. Most notably, pigs reliably discharge sediments from inverted syphon parts of the pipework.

Construction method states that poly pigs are inserted to the new pipes at the storage yard before they are installed undergroud. After installation works are completed, water is pumped through the pipe so the pigs will run through the pipework and scrubs to clean inside. The flexible poly-pigs can easily go through pipe elbows and removes any debris left.

The poly-pigs are also used for inspection purposes by ensuring no foreign objects remains in the construction.


Gray Bare Soft (G-BS) Gray Bare Soft (G-BS)
Gray Bare Soft is a Polly Pig made of flexible urethane foam, providing the maximum flexibility. Easy to insert into the pipes and is fit for use in pipelines with major reduction in diameter. Its absorbent body is also used as drying pig (swab) to help remove any water left after cleaning.
* Also used for penetration check of existing pipes
City Water Bare Hard (CWBH Type) City Water Bare Hard (CWBH Type)
CWBH is frequently used for discharge of sediments and construction debris from newly installed pipes. CWBH's tighter sealing capability compared to G-BS enables it more efficient cleaning.
Red Totally Coated (R-TC) Red Totally Coated (R-TC)
R-TC is a medium density foam totally coated with highly abradable resin coating and suitable for cleaning ductile cast iron pipes (DCIP) with relatively long straight sections.